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The Prayer Of The True Christian – Psalm 139:23-24 (Chinese/English)

Psalm 139:23-24 -Search me, O God, and know my heart!Try me and know my thoughts!And see if there be any grievous way in me,and lead me in the way everlasting!
诗篇 139:23-24 神啊,求你察看我,知道我的心意!
带领我走永生的道路!真正基督徒的祈祷How should we pray?我们应该怎么祈祷?Here is a good way.这是一个好方法。
All through the psalm, we have seen that God knows all about us, but still the psalmist prays like this:透过诗篇,我们知道上帝知道我们的一切,但诗人仍然这样祷告:Search me-look into every area of my life, all areas of my life are open to you.搜寻我……看看我生命中的每一个角落,我生命的所有领域都向你敞开Try me-put all my motives to the test, and the tests are your holiness and your word. We are to take into captivity every thought that is against the Lord.尝试我……求你试验我一切的动机,这试验就是你的圣洁和你的话语。凡敌挡耶和华的意念的,我们都要除掉。See if any grievous way in in me-look at the whole direction of my life.看看我的内心是否有什么悲伤,看看我人生的方向Lead me-a humble cry of the believer, he wants to be lead in the right way.引导我一个信徒谦卑的呼喊,他希望被引导在正确的道路上The true believer is completely open and honest with God, he leaves no area of his life closed, because he/she knows that nothing is hid from the Lord.真正的信徒对上帝是完全开放和诚实的,他的生命中没有任何地方是封闭的,因为他/她知道没有什么是瞒着上帝的。Lord, look into every area of my life, you know my sitting down, you know my rising up. I thank you know all about me as you created me, you made me wonderfully in my mother’s womb.主啊,看看我生命的每一个方面,你知道我坐下,你知道我起来。我感谢你知道我的一切,因为你创造了我,你在我母亲的子宫里使我奇妙。GOD BLESS YOU上帝祝福你

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  1. How very important we are to our Creator. He cares about all His creation but to think He made us in His own image. What wondrous love is this , Oh my soul.
    Yet we do stray by having our own way. It shows our weaknesses but focusing on His grace and love makes us turn back to Him with a desire to love and praise Him with a heart to please Him.

  2. Keith,
    Great message and scriptures!
    Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless~


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