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Whose Report Will You Believe?

I recently made a decision, based on God’s leading, which did not gain my mother’s approval. It drove me crazy! I love my mother infinity times infinity, so just imagine how distressed I felt knowing we were viewing my choice from a dwarf and giant perspective. Her support is a ...

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Prioritizing the Strongholds On Our Life

Prioritizing the Strongholds On Our Life Priority 1. a thing that is regarded as more important than another 2. the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important 3. the right to take precedence or to proceed before others I cannot get this word out of my ...

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Missing Boy

Fear snatched the happiness off her face after realizing her only son could not be found. A mother’s worst nightmare had just been turned into a reality; her child was missing. Any parent can relate to the panic that quickly follows being face to face with the possibilities of losing ...

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“Don’t judge me…”

“Don’t judge me. (Hands held up in front)  I only ate three. “  All ears tuned in just as my five year old son was responding to his aunt’s question “Who ate all the candy while I was taking a nap?”  His quick response of course drew in several rounds ...

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Waiting On His Promises

Waiting On His Promises Resting on my knees I began to argue with myself about simple truths and a three-lettered word. My entire life stood in the balance before me uncertain of what the future held.  No longer could I continue to be the angry mother and unhappy wife that ...

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