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Parenting the Way They Should Go

Parenting the Way They Should Go By Renee His small five-year-old hand lay gently in mine as we walked back to the van.  His beautiful boyish grin beaming from ear to ear as the puddle edged into view. “Mom, can I please do a huge jump?” I knew all to ...

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Wrangling for God’s Wisdom

When we want or need wisdom we are to ask God for it.  He gives generously to whomever asks; but, we must ask in faith, believing, otherwise, the Bible tells us, we receive nothing at all.  Proverbs 8 says wisdom longs to be found. She strategically positions herself – standing ...

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The Habits of the Locusts

It’s good to know the habits of our enemies. Danger comes when they deceive us, turning our attention away from what needs to be done. Locusts have been around since bible times, and they are used as a metaphor in God’s Word. With names like “hopping, crawling, and stripping locust,” ...

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Spank a Child in the way He should go

Today’s culture says bring up your child however you wish. Discipline such as spanking is abusive. Now if a parent spanks their children within reasonable limits; not out of rage to harm the child but out of love to correct the child. This parent would be considered abusive and unfit ...

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Winning His Heart

Winning His Heart By Renee A few years ago a good friend shared with me a verse that grated along my mind the same way nails do on a chalkboard. “Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe ...

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