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How to Overcome the P.P. Disease

The article previously posted on April 22nd called “P.P. Disease,” presented the dreaded signs and symptoms of being a People-Pleaser. If you have been diagnosed with this malady, don’t feel defeated. Help is available. In the end of the last article, lies the first step. Getting down on your knees ...

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A Hidden Word of Truth

On the bathroom mirror where the kids usually get ready, I love to write scripture for them to reflect upon usually an insight to what God has been speaking to me about our family. Little messages to encourage and speak life and truth into my kids. Yet, the message I ...

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The Other Side To Temptation

“There will always be temptations to sin,” Jesus said one day to his disciples, “but woe to the man who does the tempting.” Temptation, we all face it in various forms, and Jesus tells us that this will always be so while we are on earth. But have you considered ...

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Exposed Before the Throne

“No Lord. I don’t want to pray for him. It’s too much. I am so tired of going around the same mountain and having the same results. Rejection. Not of me, but of you. A constant overwhelming leftover attitude of disappointment. I’m tired of his selfish ways. Why should I? ...

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