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As Seen On TV

We don’t have satellite TV at our house, but we do have “farmer’s cable” meaning our channels are limited to a small selection including infomercials. Between the Snackeez, Pillow Pets, and everything else in between, my kids love to try and convince me of how desperately I need, or should ...

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The Underside Of Writing

So white…so plain…so blank. That’s how every amazing story piece starts–with an empty page. Whether it’s a page from a book or from a digital device, our efforts to piece together our creative ideas unfold when we put a pen to paper or finger tips to keyboard. The finished product ...

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Suing for Tuition — What’s Next?

“It isn’t about money,” she said. “I just want to go to college.” You’ve seen the recent headlines: College student sues parents for tuition, judge rules they must pay Student Sues Her Divorced Parents For Tuition, Wins 21-year-old NJ woman sues parents for college tuition New Jersey college student, Caitlyn Ricci, ...

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Eye Exercises

The natural world offers amazing glimpses of the Creator.  When God spoke the world into being, a part of His very self was represented in everything.  Eyes exercised to see Him bring amazing blessings, even life itself!  God is always present, omnipresent; we need to learn to see Him.  When ...

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He’s All Powerful, Yet So Patient

What if God would just give us a shock every time we got out of line, wouldn’t that change us?  He has the power to do it.  He is all-powerful, the Master and Creator of the Universe.  He could.  How about every time we told a lie, our nose really would grow? However, if ...

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