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Happening Now: Christian Music in Strip Clubs

He’s been topping Christian news headlines—a lot.

Two-time Grammy award winner. Four-time Dove Award winner. Tonight Show performer. Good Morning America guest.  Disney film star

Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae has been making waves in the entertainment industry—in a God-honoring, unashamed kind of way. And he’s not about to stop.

Last week, Rapzilla reported that Lecrae’s fourth studio album, Rehab, has recently been reverberating off the walls of Louisville strip clubs.

Rachelle Star, founder of Scarlet Hope, a non-profit organization that shares home-cooked meals and the hope of Jesus Christ with dancers in 18 local strip clubs each week, bought 10 Rehab CDs and started to distribute them to the clubs her team frequented.

It started with a simple request. Having ministered to these venues for over six years, she went up to the DJs and asked them to play the music. There were some hiccups along the way (the owner was present to give permission or the club lacked the ability to play CDs), but she didn’t give up.

She kept asking.

“The lyrics that [Lecrae] is writing are very tangible for [dancers] to grasp,” Starr said. “It’s a lot of what they’ve been through. It’s a lot of what they seek. It’s very relatable. … And he presents the gospel very well through his music.”[1]

Her persistence paid off.

In one night, the DJ just kept letting the CD play. According to Rapzilla, “The DJ just let the CD spin. ‘Killa,’ ‘Divine Intervention,’ ‘Just Like You,’ ‘Gotta Know’ and part of ‘Used To Do It Too’ had played before a dancer’s song request stopped the run.”[2]

And by the end of the night, a troubled customer received prayer and went home with Lecrae’s CD.

The lyrics are influencing owners, DJs, dancers and customers alike. While some may be of the opinion that modern-day Christian music has strayed too far and is inappropriate in such an environment, the music is reaching those who need it most in the place they need it most.

The dancers, the owners, the DJs, the customers… they are all missing a relationship with Jesus. If they won’t walk through the church doors, shouldn’t we meet them where they’re at when we can?

Jesus went to the home of a tax collector (see Mark 2:13–17).

He spoke to a Samaritan woman at the well (see John 4:1–40).

Jesus went where no one else would go. Shouldn’t we do the same so long as it won’t compromise our faith or tempt us to sin?

The results speak for themselves. As a result of Scarlet Hope’s efforts, hundreds of women have left the sex industry in Louisville. How much more will Christian music propel their success forward?

Tell us: what do you think about Christian music being played in a strip club?  


[1] Daniels, David. “Lecrae Songs Played in Louisville Strip Club.” Rapzilla. Rapzilla, 8 Apr. 2015. Web. 13 Apr. 2015.

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  1. Why not? People are accustomed to listening to “background” music almost everywhere they go, so you might as well play a message of hope and healing in the Gospel so that, as you say, you can meet them where they are. Music is something that has a huge influence on people. The groups that you mentioned in the story are using it as a springboard to proclaim the message of salvation and healing in Christ. That way it is not just background music. Fantastic article and thanks for sharing about nightclub ministries.

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