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3 Keys for Breaking Free from the Occult

In a previous article, I wrote about how the devil lures people into the occult. Now I want to tackle how to break free from its influence. The occult is a powerful force, but it is no match for the name of Jesus. No matter how far into the darkness you are, you can call upon His name and be set free.

That being said, breaking free from the occult is not always easy; I don’t want to give the impression that it is always “three quick steps to freedom.” Jesus has paid the full price for our deliverance, but it can be difficult to completely cut all occult ties and fully surrender to the Lord.

If you are seeking deliverance from the occult, ask the Holy Spirit to help you walk through these three keys:

1. Repent

This means that you have a change of heart and mind about the occult. You see it for what it is and you truly want to break free of its influence.

The occult needs to be seen as idolatry. As Bible teacher Derek Prince often put it, the occult is “looking to Satan for that to which we should look only to God.” To break free from the occult requires genuine repentance. No excuses or justification; even if you got involved “just for fun.”

2. Renounce

Following repentance is making a full renunciation of anything related to the occult. This means completely severing every tie that you have with it. Acts 19:19 says that “many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all.” This exemplifies making a clean break.

There is a need to rid yourself of every trace of the occult, including any related materials or objects. This also often includes leaving behind relationships that tie you to the occult. Verbalize your renunciation by speaking out a prayer to renounce every occult activity, break every curse, and release yourself from its influence.

3. Rebuke

Having submitted yourself to God with the above steps, you are now in a position to resist the devil. Occult involvement opens the door to evil spirits, and there is a need to cast them out. Rebuke every spirit that is associated with the occult and command them to leave in the name of Jesus. Keep doing this until there is a sense of complete freedom.

In many cases, it is helpful to have someone with you to walk through these steps. If you are seeking freedom from the occult, find a trusted friend, pastor, or mentor, and ask them to help you walk through your process of deliverance. Remember: “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be delivered!”


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Jake Kail is a teacher, author, and speaker who is passionate for the kingdom of God. He was called into ministry during his college years, after a life-changing encounter with God. The focus of his ministry is on teaching and equipping believers, strengthening local churches, and seeing awakening and restoration come to the church. He also ministers often in the area of deliverance from evil spirits, seeing people set free from bondage, torment, and oppression. Jake is the author of three books: Restoring the Ministry of Jesus, Can a Christian Have a Demon?, and Abiding in the Vine. He speaks at churches, retreats, conferences, and other venues. Jake lives with his wife and family in Lancaster, PA where he serves on the pastoral team at Threshold Church. Check out Jake’s website and blog here: http://www.jakekail.com.

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  1. I am a former high priestess in witchcraft now a minister of the Gospel. Thank you for posting this article. People who come out of the occult have battles that so many are not aware of. Spiritual warfare is so real. There are so many who are unaware of how to help those who come out. If I could anything to this article I would encourage pastors to keep them encouraged and let them know you are there for them for so many feel left alone to fend for themselves. Let them know that Jesus is always with them and He loves them so very much. Satan will torment them that they are not forgiven nor worthy of Gods love.
    Thank you for spreading the word.

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