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Christmas Time Is Here

I adore Christmas. I love everything about it. I love being able to go out to the store filled with the hustle and bustle of people doing their shopping, Christmas carols playing over the speakers in the stores and all the Christmas decorations all over. I also love to pull out the Christmas tunes to sing along to while I work around the house, the Christmas baking and decorating and watching ‘Elf’ with my family. I love everything about Christmas and now (since It’s not November and I was dying to say it even then) I can say that ‘Christmas Time is here!’

Now as excited as I am for all the shopping, spending time with family, warm drinks, Christmas carols and a break from school. I am also really excited to once again dig deeper into the story of the birth of Christ and of the first Christmas. It excites me because every year I seem to learn something new about the story and the stories from the old testament that just seem to lead up to this wonderful and amazing time.

But sometimes though, the excitement for everything else about Christmas like the giving of gifts, decorating the tree and having time with family, I forget what Christmas really is all about.

Christmas is about the birth of Christ and really dwelling on that gift. We all know the story… or do we? It really seems that every year I learn more and more that I didn’t know about the story and how many other stories in the bible lead up to Christ’s birth! I knew and read many times the mentions in the old testament on Christ’s birth but there are so many little connections that could easily be overlook and that in itself is amazing.
So this Christmas I wish you well and that you have an amazing time doing things with your family and taking a break in these next few weeks (and for some maybe it has started) but I also want to remind you to stop and remember the true story of Christmas and an amazing reminder it can serve.

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