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Just Waiting For Tomorrow

Most of us are pretty tired of the way things are going in this world.  Times are hard for many, and it’s not looking like there will be any changes coming soon that will be to our liking. We are waiting for tomorrow, every single day.  It comes every morning, but we are still waiting for it. Each time it comes, the day stays the same.  So again, we are just waiting for tomorrow, day after day.

Tomorrow holds the promise of God for us.  We know today is often filled with lack.  This is not always in the form of money.  There are many ills in our world, and money is only one of them.  But whenever we envision tomorrow, we see excitement and expectations rising before us.  We have hope that things will be better, that we will finally have our chance to ‘make it’, or to simply ‘get ahead’.  We believe and wait, and then tomorrow comes again, and it is still the same day it was yesterday.  Yet still we choose to wait for tomorrow, again and again.

Jesus said, ‘Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.  Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.’ Matthew 6:34 (NKJV)  This statement does not mean we should not look to the future.  It means that we must attend to the things that exist today.  The way we take care of the things of today, just may very well contribute to the things we are looking for in that tomorrow we are waiting for.  Today there may be much trouble, and it may still be there tomorrow.  But for today, we must trust Jesus.  If we do so, when each and every tomorrow comes, they will bring to mind nuggets or gems of the wisdom and grace of God that we have learned from our yesterdays, which are also our todays.  We can and will continue to wait for tomorrow, but when we live in today, tomorrow can indeed be the better day we are waiting to experience.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for tomorrow.  That can demonstrate faith, and patience, and determination.  These are all character traits Christians should have.  But to concentrate only on tomorrow and simply rush to get through today, and trying to forget our yesterdays, just to get to tomorrow is an activity sure to bring frustration and disappointment.  Enjoy each day, take what you learn from it to tomorrow, and keep adding to that knowledge, and tomorrow will become the today that you have always longed for.  God does not disappoint.  He does not make promises He won’t deliver.  He is faithful, ever so, and He is the reason our tomorrows can and should be days of joy and contentment.

I know I have woven tongue twisters into this piece!  But I wanted to make a point.  So please, leave me a comment, answering this question:

What are you looking for in your tomorrows, and what about today has God taught you to carry with you into your future?



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