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It was Jesus who stated, “…..the truth will set you free.”  These words ring true (no pun intended), as many a person has been set free to enjoy PEACE when they have ‘come clean’, so to say, by ultimately telling the truth after living a lie, or by living a life of truth from the beginning of their existence.  Perhaps it is myth that brought us the well known words of our first President, George Washington, when he was said to have stated, “I cannot tell a lie”, after he was accused of chopping down the cherry tree.  But chopping down a tree and changing history bring different consequences, and deceiving a spouse or even betraying friend bring an end to faith and trust in a human being.  A high price to pay, anyway you look at it.  It is just not worth the pain and hurt, to yourself or others.

Throughout history lies has been known to change the course of events in politics, in war and even in big finance as with the Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme!  Mr. Madoff admitted his investment scheme was “just one big lie.”

Since the dawn of time, God’s created beings have been prone to lies for a number of reasons.  Sometimes it was to save their own neck, or it was because deep inside they were nothing more than greedy coward’s.   When Adam blamed Eve for forcing him to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, Eve in turn blamed the serpent for making the suggestion.  Perhaps this is not a lie by definition, but a form of it.  As in the case of the so called Trojan horse, the Greeks are remembered for deceiving the Trojans with a stroke of genius by alluring their enemy with the gift of a horse.  The unsuspecting Trojans had no idea, as they brought the prize horse into their camp, that lying within the belly of the statue were Greek soldiers who would ascend on the Trojans during the night and proceed to slaughter and defeat them.  Maybe we should “look a gift horse in the mouth”.  Perhaps we will be careful in accepting gifts from our enemy.  Satan attempted to gain power over Jesus Christ by presenting him with gifts of protection, power and fame.  Our Lord was wise in that he wielded the sword of the spirit, namely the Word of God, and came out the successor in the end.

Historic lies such as Piltdown Man, Watergate, and the Clinton/Lewinsky Case influenced our world, but don’t think you have to be in the annals of history to be shattered by a lie.  Ordinary people have destroyed not only their employment, but also their marriages and families.  In movie’s lying has been depicted as funny, but in real life it is damaging to all involved.  The art of lying begins, I believe, at an early stage in our lives, and if allowed to blossom, it will tear us apart and that of our personal relationships.

Something to remember, God is love, but He is also truth, and He is always watching……..

About Annie Meadows

Annie Meadows is divinely inspired and is now being called the modern day Beatrix Potter as she creates morally rich books for children and those who choose to remain young at heart.

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