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The Cosmic Battle Between Pride and Humility

A crowd of witnesses circles the arena–some chanting with puffed up confidence–others smiling with blessed assurance knowing the outcome. In one corner paces Me, Myself, and I empowered by Pride. In the other corner Humility waits patiently empowered by Righteousness. It is a battle waged since the early days of creation and it still continues today. Team Pride’s energy source is Satan. Team Righteousness’ source of power and authority is Jesus. The age old battle commences for every person at some point in life. If you are like me, you have gone multiple rounds, multiple times with “Me, Myself, and I” especially when you wear Jesus’ robe of righteousness.

There is something rather attractive about pride when we allow him to get close enough touch us. He can be very alluring and silver-tongued when we allow ourselves to listen to his big talk. What we often miss, though, is the many lies he unloads on us. He cleverly sprinkles his deceit with bits of truth that we have already toyed with in our own thoughts. He plays on our weakest points and convinces us that he brings only pure truth for our good–which in itself is a lie. (John 8:44) His hold is so strong that in the ring we must do whatever necessary to stay out of his clutches. If he grabs ahold, it is nearly impossible to struggle hard enough to break free. So how can gentle Humility ever win against such a powerful opponent?

The key to victory is the source of power–Jesus. Humility, covered by the robe of righteousness, can sit calmly because she knows the battle is the Lord’s, “for the battle is not yours, but God’s”, says 2 Chronicles 20:15. We are no match for Pride and Pride is no match for our awesome God. When we humble ourselves and cry out for God’s assistance, in the twinkling of an eye, He is beside us to lift us to victory when we are totally surrendered to Him and bear His holy name. At that point, Pride comes eye to eye with the Omnipotent One, Almighty God and knows he has already been defeated.

The age old battle will soon be brought to an end. Pride, promoting Me, Myself, and I will bow the knee to the holy, Righteous One who keeps His own children securely sheltered under His wings. Satan will no longer have the opportunity to prevail against us. Jesus has promised to come to our rescue us and fling our enemy into the lake of fire as we watch.

Don’t despair. When pride comes to devour your self-confidence, taunt you with lies, and wreck your relationships, don’t try to take him on by yourself. That is his game plan. Humble yourself and call to Jesus. He will be present to rescue you in an instant.

How have you been trying to fight pride in your own strength? How has that been working for you? Do you want to win over pride? What would it take to humble yourself by calling on Jesus and asking Him to fight the battle for you?

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