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Have You Considered Getting a Tattoo? Here are 4 Reasons Not To

Rappers, athletes, actors/actresses, models, and even teens have tattoos. It must be addictive, since tattoo carriers rarely have just one. Some seem to have an overdose, as these permanent marks cover almost every part of their body with skin. Why? Popular views are that it looks hip, hot, intense, and “swaggarific”. Some tattoo their lover’s name on their bodies thinking it’s sentimental, and others use it as a form of identification, to show they’re part of a particular gang or clique. But whatever your reasons for wanting to get one—or two—or three, consider these facts before you do.

Your Body is Borrowed: The truth is, we do not have permission to deface the property of another. Our Heavenly Father created our bodies and entrust us with it. We have to take care of it as well as use it to honor Him. “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” (1 Corinthians 6:19) And no, tattooing God’s name on your body does not qualify as honoring Him.

Unnecessary Pain: C’mon teens, you already have to deal with random headaches, heartaches, and pain associated with various illnesses such as the occasional infections. And girls, you know you have to deal with the annoying pain of “menstrual cramps.” Yet, sitting through minutes or even hours of torture for a tattoo is not a must or one of life’s pain you have to endure. It can be avoided all together.

Numerous Health Risks: Tattoos tend to look very cool, but the health risks associated with them is not worth their beauty. Dangers include tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, and HIV. Then there’s the added misery of dealing with the itching, redness, swelling, and tenderness.

You Already Belong: You are already a part of the biggest family ever. You are God’s child. You need not do anything to be accepted or loved. Christ already took the marks for you when He was crucified on Mount Calvary. He carries the nail print in his hands and feet as a permanent sign that He cared enough to take our sins. This means you and I definitely belong to His family. Jesus literally bought us with His blood. “You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” (1 Corinthians 6:20)

Leave a comment, do you think it’s OK for Christians to have tattoos?

About Amelia

Amelia Brown is from the beautiful island of Jamaica. She is a 28 year old Guidance Counselor by profession, but a passionate writer at heart. Most of her articles written are aimed at stimulating positive change under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. She is also a published poet and a member of Faithwriters. Outside of writing, she enjoys volunteering, cooking, and turning frowns right side up. Amelia currently lives in New York.

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  1. I hate seeing tattoos on anyone. They are so ugly and do nothing to beautify one’s body. I used to love to listen to Joyce Meyer, until one day when discussing tattoos with someone they used a message from Joyce about tattoos. Seems Joyce thinks tattoos are fine since God has our names tattooed on His hand. I just don’t believe God wants us marking up our bodies with tattoos. I think He made our bodies just the way He wants them and we should be happy with that. 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting Shelby!
      There are some tattoos that look beautiful, but I agree with you, they do nothing to beautify our bodies. God already made us just right. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great read Amelia! As a young(er) man, I ran out and had my arms branded with two quotes I thought were really cool at the time: “I Stand Alone” and “I Do Not Fail”. It wasn’t until after becoming a Christian that I realized I didn’t need any sort of brands to define who I am. I don’t regret my tattoos, but I could live without them.

    I don’t think a tattoo in and of itself is sinful. I think the motivations of your heart behind the tattoo determine whether its right or wrong to have. I know plenty of Christians who are thoroughly tattooed, while I also know of clean-skin atheists. Right or wrong doesn’t even play into my thinking. It’s your heart and what you have planned for the tattoo to represent about your life.

    • Thanks for stopping by “young(er)” Ennis 🙂

      I know Christians with tattoos, but they all say they got them before they became a Christian, and most regret it. I haven’t yet heard of a Christian getting a tattoo. Your saying tattoos aren’t really right or wrong…as long as one’s heart and motive are in the right place. So, would a Christian who wants a tattoo of Jesus on the cross on his/her arm, for the purposing of worshiping God and ministering to others , be encouraged?

      I’m not condemning anyone with a tattoo, but for those young people without…do we want to encourage them to get? Food for thoughts…

  3. I agree with Ennis. Absolutely it is the motivation of the heart. I would never get one I just never cared for them. I don’t think they are “sinful” simply unnecessary. I cannot use the “if God wanted art on bodies…” argument because he didn’t create me with holes in my earlobes and yet I pierced them to wear earrings.
    My teenage son asked if he could get a scripture tattoo. My answer was simple. God doesn’t want His word on your body, He wants it IN your heart.
    …unfortunately (for me), he is 18 and may decide to get one at some point. If he does, I can only hope He will still want it to be scripture.

    • Melinda, thank you for offering your views.

      I too can’t say it’s “Sinful” or not–the Bible doesn’t really mention tattoos per-se. But personally, I would advice against it for those reasons mentioned in the article.

      I love your response to your son’s question about getting a tattoo, Melinda. “God doesn’t want His word on your body, He wants it IN your heart.” I couldn’t have said it better!

  4. John Livingston Clark

    The Bible DOES mention tattoos in Leviticus 19:28. It forbids it.

  5. Thank you for pointing that out, John. I know its not Christlike, but I had no idea the Bible actually mentioned the word “Tattoo.” Thanks for sharing.

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