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God is in Control of the Politics of the Nations

Christians get overly concerned because we may vote for a candidate and that candidate does not win the election. Maybe a law or amendment we campaign hard to get passed does not pass. The opposite as well we lobby hard to get a law to not pass and it passes anyway. Our minds roll into a negative mind storm.” Oh no this senator got elected or that President won the battle and he will ruin the country.” Let us not limit our great God’s power in the political arena of life.

Psalm 33:10” The LORD foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.” The Father always sits on his throne and is in control of the political commentary of very nation on earth. What a nation purposes to do politically or not do will not catch him napping. He will thwart their plans and aspirations if it does not line up with his purpose for that nation. Ultimately, he does allow a nation to plot a course on the international arena that will further his redemptive purpose for humanity.

God speaks to the body prophetically to have us pray for elections or international policy. So he can intervene and steer events in the direction he wants them to go. By all means God is not limited in his power to just be able to move within the confines of our prayers. He can and does intervene on the world scene outside our prayers. Remember God is sovereign and will act in that capacity when he deems it necessary concerning the political life of any nation of the earth.

We need to keep voting in every election that comes our way but we must not limit God in his power to change the political destiny of any nation on earth. No matter who is in the white house or whoever is leading a nation at any time in history. God is always in control and no man will interfere or change the course that God has set for humanity. Be comforted in the knowledge that God is steering the events on earth and nothing will escape his notice or care. What door God opens no man will close and what door God closes no man will open.

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  1. So true Greg. And in my heart and head I know God is in control of ALL things. The difficulty comes in determining which issues, candidates, etc., we SHOULD get a little ‘riled up’ about. If we show little passion, don’t speak out, and just quietly wait for God to work it out it may seem as if it isn’t really that important to us. Then if we too passionately support (or try to defeat) an issue or candidate it can be a challenge to graciously accept defeat and can appear as if we don’t trust in His will.
    Being a gracious ‘warrior’ is not that easy. We must always look to Jesus as our example. He always spoke up for righteousness yet ultimately left everything in his Father’s hands.

    • Melinda,
      True and excellent insight sometimes it is hard to trust
      God because of what happens in the world and our country.
      We do need to speak out and boldly against all ungodly issues and ungodly
      candidates and leave it all in the hands of Jesus.Voting as the Lord leads us.

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