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Let’s Be Rational: A Look at the Adolescent Brain

For every parent who’s raising a teen, the occasional shaking of the head in confusion and frustration is understood. What could they be thinking?  Why did they make that decision? Didn’t they consider the consequences they would face? But the adolescent brain is especially vulnerable to an inability to think ...

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What Motivates You To Take Action?

There is a multitude of causes for which to show support – or to fight against. It is apparent in the number of special interest groups that lobby for their causes. Is there an issue that you feel passionately about? One that can motivate you to take action? Our elected ...

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Public Servants…Honor Your Oaths

The responsibilities of making a living and effectively managing family leaves us little time for in depth research into what our elected officials are up to. Being a politically interested person, I try to stay informed as best I can. What I find is that I am becoming increasingly more intolerant of the current ...

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Standing United for Results

It seems impossible to believe, sometimes, that this country will ever be united again. The deep division in ideology is certain and undeniable. As long as there is group politics mentality it will be impossible to bring this nation to a spirit of unity. Agenda driven politics will systematically dismantle ...

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