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Persistence Through Resistance

Louder and louder the cries and screams of my two-year old’s rebellion came. This time the noon showdown was over a cracker, a tortilla chip, and my firm persistence. “Son, eat your cracker first, then you may have a tortilla chip.” A glare that could knock any mamma dead and ...

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Talking Veggies!

Seems like the whole world is talking about the Disney movie, “Frozen.” I believe every child knows who Anna and Elsa is. Then there is “Ninja Turtles;” four teenage mutant ninja turtles trained to fight bad guys. Other secular T.V. shows include Phineas and Ferb, Uncle Grandpa, Shake It Up, ...

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When a Child Enters Heaven

Two days before his sixth birthday, a little boy crossed that thin veil and entered into the presence of God. It was unexpected. His brief years here held some developmental challenges which he met with courage. He played and learned, progressing nicely and making his family proud. He communicated with ...

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A Strange Hiding Place

Domestic abuse still remains one of the biggest problems our nation is trying to combat. Despite the tons of advertisements and foundations dedicated to its eradication, domestic violence still lives on. More often than anticipated, this abuse almost always results in death. Sadly, death was the result for victim Jessica ...

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Meeting The Demands of a Toddler, Or Not!

Ahh, the terrible twos or should I say the on demand, “You better give me what I want now!” monster phase in a child’s life? Some days this developmental step begins a little earlier than expected or lingers a little longer than desired. In either case, it’s when life becomes ...

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