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My World Needs You, God

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Wars and rumors of wars. Chaos. Tragedy. Trouble on all sides. When we hear of all these things it is natural to become fearful. We worry about the future–about what it may hold. But should we worry? After all, we are children of God, and if we are ...

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Here Today–Gone Tomorrow

When the earthquake struck in Nepal a few days ago, video footage showed people going about their day as usual.  Tourists were sightseeing and snapping photos.  Natives were walking to work or to a friend’s house to visit.  Children were playing in the streets just as innocently as any other ...

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A Firm Foundation

A Firm Foundation By John Livingston Clark On March 11, 2011 a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan producing a tsunami engulfing the city of Sendai. Recently, the Japanese people had a day of remembrance on the third anniversary of that catastrophic event. As the tidal wave ...

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