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Fulfill Your Purpose

It is a phrase tossed about rather lightly:  made in the image of God.  Pausing to think about what this really means is an adventure not to be missed.  It has the potential to change how we look at ourselves and others; it has the power to transform our relationships…and ...

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Army of God

This week we celebrate Veteran’s Day…the American holiday that recognizes the service soldiers give (and gave) for America.  We thankfully honor those who give their lives to protect freedom.  The brotherhood of servicemen awes me; the commitment to fellow soldiers is beautiful to behold.  Soldiers who have battled together especially ...

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Are You Healthy Today?

Seems like every time I turn on the TV, there is a commercial about how I need to lose weight, and can only do it their way.  I need to buy their nutritionally complete, delivered to my door, delicious meals.  And it only costs….how much???? Then there are the commercials with ...

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God at Work

God created the world for humanity, and He created us to work within that world.  Work is not part of the curse.  It is part of our very design for we are made in His image, and God is a worker!  For that reason,work is a perfect arena to see ...

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Reflections of Glory

Everyone needs hope.  Without hope, despair and darkness settle in wreaking destruction in lives.  Without hope, there is no vision, no goal, no energy…and eventually, no life.  For believers in Christ, the treasure of hope rests in us for Jesus is the ‘Hope of Glory’!  We are to be the ...

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