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A New Season of Leadership

This past week, Representative John Boehner shocked the political world and all the nation with his sudden resignation due to take place this month. As Speaker of the House, he is third in line to the presidency. In the event the President and Vice President are unable to perform the ...

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What Role Should Women Play in Church Leadership?

Recently, a key appointment and consecration in England enflamed the centuries-long argument regarding the position of women within church leadership.  This delicate topic has faithful supporters on both sides. The godly and correct answer will not be realized within this TBL news article.  However, it is worth review and discussion. ...

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Let Us Not Be A Nation of Grumblers

Our president’s approval rating is at it’s lowest. The Congress is not getting very high ratings either. Do these ratings even mean anything? Are they telling us anything we don’t already know? The ‘people’ are not happy with the job their elected officials are doing. Is it even possible to ...

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