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“Who Do You Say That I Am?”

Relationships take time to grow. Trust in another, belief in their genuine love for you, take time to nurture and build. This is true even in our relationship with God and His Son, Jesus. When we come to Him in our brokenness and begin a relationship with Him, it is ...

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What Are You Flinging? (The Power of Words)

They can flow like a river, making people laugh or cry. They come in the form of gentle, soothing sentences, or angry, hate-filled words. They even come in the form of song. Sometimes, they come from the heart of God—“apples of gold in settings of silver.” Words are so easy ...

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What Are You Reaping?

It’s amazing what you get from just a few seeds! One corn plant usually produces one large ear of corn—with between 800-1200 kernels on that one ear. Planting just one zucchini plant, usually with 3-4 seeds, produces enough zucchini to feed an average family for a season. And the next ...

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You be the Judge?-Part II (judging the heart)

It is the well-spring of life, it is evil and deceptive–no one can “know” it, it must be guarded, and out of its abundance our mouth speaks. The heart is more than just a muscle needed to sustain our life. The bible says there is another heart within each of ...

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