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Israel And Antisemitism

The thought came to mind recently that Hamas and Haman are very similar, so I did some research. Haman is mentioned in the Book of Esther, and he was the instigator of a plot to kill the Jews, during the time of the Persian Empire headed by King Xerxes from ...

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Bible Translators Must Keep The Truth In Scripture

A recent headline caught my attention: “Bible Translators Making The Scriptures More Acceptable To Appease Muslims.” In this article it was stated that Wycliffe Associates will not be renewing its affiliation with Wycliffe Global Alliance, consisting of over 100 translators because, according to Bruce Smith, president of Wycliffe Associates, there ...

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Can We Learn From the Apocryphal Books?

Many devout, practicing Christians read, analyze and pray about many books of the Bible.  For many, this focuses on the New Testament, but still others research and delve into rather obscure Old Testament scriptures.  As “God-breathed” works, studying the whole Word of God is of course key to our understanding ...

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