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Biblical Jesus VS. Modern Jesus (Part Three)

For our last installment in this blog series contrasting the difference between Jesus Christ as described in the Holy Bible and the modern/new-age counterfeit Jesus we have five final differences to share. Please read Part One and Part Two if you missed them over the past weeks. In preparing this material ...

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The Dangers of Meditation

In my article last week titled “The Best Cure for Stress and Anxiety” I spoke briefly about the folly of the eastern and new age practice of meditation. Now I am fully aware that the eastern concept of mediation has become highly popularized in the western world, and many think the ...

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The New Age Church and the “Counterfeit Revival”

I wish to share some of the very confusing and dangerous teachings I was exposed to when I first came to faith in the Lord Jesus, and the amazing way God answered my prayers to reveal His truth regarding the controversial things I was exposed to. If anything I share ...

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Worldly Faith V.S. Biblical Faith

Everyone from the Bible scholar and pastor to the motivational speaker and the new-age/self-help guru teaches that one must have “faith.” However what are we being taught to place this “faith” in exactly? So many of us (myself included) have loved to share inspirational quotes that reflect our desire to have ...

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