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Believers Who Believe In Ungodly Things.

It is amazing the things you can learn, about people you know, and thought you knew well, simply by listening to conversations around you.  It is also amazing to realize that good, Christian men and women fall prey to the wiles of the enemy.  When they begin to believe in ...

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3 Keys for Breaking Free from the Occult

In a previous article, I wrote about how the devil lures people into the occult. Now I want to tackle how to break free from its influence. The occult is a powerful force, but it is no match for the name of Jesus. No matter how far into the darkness ...

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Teens, The Occult, and Witchcraft

Google recently announced there has been a 300 percent increase in online searches for Ouija boards. They were also on the 2014 Christmas “must buy” list. The movie, “Ouija,” was a huge success at the box office. These are all clear indications that attraction to the occult is rising dramatically. ...

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The Many Branches of the Occult

In my previous article I talked about the dangers of the occult. The word occult means secret or hidden. It refers to tapping into the spiritual realm outside of the one true living God. The occult has a variety of branches and is far-reaching in influence. Scripture strictly forbids any ...

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The Dangers of the Occult

There is a lot of buzz these days around the topic of the supernatural. New books, TV shows, and movies with supernatural themes are coming out on a regular basis. Angels and demons, sorcery and witchcraft, magic, zombies, ghosts, and other spiritual phenomena are being portrayed through many outlets. The ...

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