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Is Planned Parenthood Really a Non-Profit Organization?

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood of America, testified before committees of both the US Senate and the House of Representatives. Unless you search specifically for the testimony, you likely will have only seen short video clips, sound bites and partisan commentary. I don’t like my news “deceptively edited” so I ...

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A New Season of Leadership

This past week, Representative John Boehner shocked the political world and all the nation with his sudden resignation due to take place this month. As Speaker of the House, he is third in line to the presidency. In the event the President and Vice President are unable to perform the ...

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What Motivates You To Take Action?

There is a multitude of causes for which to show support – or to fight against. It is apparent in the number of special interest groups that lobby for their causes. Is there an issue that you feel passionately about? One that can motivate you to take action? Our elected ...

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Suing Mr. President

Today for the first time in history the US House of Representatives has voted to sue the President of the United States. As one would expect, the votes were almost entirely partisan. All democrats voted against the lawsuit and all but a handful of republicans voted to go forward with ...

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