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Modern Feminism: An Identity Crisis

Last month a young college woman wrote an op-ed piece describing the details of her plight to be “taken seriously in an age of subtle sexism.” The article revealed, perhaps more than she realized, why that may be happening. I have to wonder, when did we start raising a generation of ...

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Christians, We are Under a Microscope!

Now more than ever Christians are under attack and are being ridiculed for their beliefs. Our very actions are being looked at and pulled apart. Let us not make it easier for others to justify what many are saying,” that we are hypocrites.” I have read several articles recently on ...

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Should Your B.F.F. Be of a Different Religion?

Everybody has a B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever). The question is, is it okay for him/her to be of a different religion? I asked because our best friend is the person we spend most of our time with; a person with whom we share almost everything. While some adults don’t have ...

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The Tween, The Teen, And The Topic of Sex

Run! Flee! The commands came in droves as the two portioned their bodies closer together in attempts to becoming one. Lingering flits of thought burst brighter as reality crept in. The rapid breath of his emotions began to toy with his mind leaving doubts seeping through his teenage thoughts. This ...

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