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2 Keys for Overcoming Deception

In my last article, I named the primary weapon of Satan: deception. The devil’s motive is to destroy, and his method is to deceive. He uses trickery, lies, and all manner of deceptive tactics to try to lure us into his traps. How can we be armed against the enemy’s ...

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The Impact of Fasting on Spiritual Warfare

I recently wrote how prayer is one of the weapons that God has given us in spiritual warfare, and that our prayers affect what is happening in the spiritual world. Daniel 10:12-14 shows Daniel receiving a visit from an angel in answer to his prayers. It also says that the ...

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How our Prayers Affect the Spiritual World

I wrote in an earlier article that prayer is one of the weapons that God has given us in our spiritual warfare. Sometimes we can forget this part of our armor, and how important intercession is to advancing God’s kingdom. In the book of Daniel, we get an interesting glimpse ...

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The Battle Belongs to the Lord

  As Christians we will experience times of difficulty. There is a real battle going on in the spiritual realm. We cannot see this battle with our physical eyes, but we can discern with our spirit that something is amiss. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but ...

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Prophesy over your day

Monday morning came. The oppression was so heavy I had to fight through every second after I swung my feet out of bed just to make it through simple tasks. Two days earlier I’d had a spiritual breakthrough. And now – a heavy, nameless fear weighed on me. “After you ...

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