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We Live In A Dark World: So How Is God With Us

It’s easy to assume that God is no where in sight as we watch the news and see people getting murdered on streets that were once safe. It is also becoming more apparent of the distain some people have for Christianity. It is painful to see that people can’t worship Jesus without fearing for their life. Similarly, we can look at our lives and question what God is doing.

Recently I was at the grocery store after a long and stressful day. And I just wanted to hurry up and get home. I was tired and wanted the day to be over.

I was reaching for a box of cereal when another box of cereal that I wasn’t even touching tumbled down onto the floor. Just as I was reaching down to pick it up, a boy (about 9 years old) ran towards me and picked up the box and handed it to me. I was shocked because most people, especially 9 year old boys, don’t exactly go out of their way to help people like this boy did. I watched him return to his mother and they continued walking as if nothing happened. The boy didn’t look to his mother for approval. He just kept on walking as if it was nothing that he ran over to help me.

Maybe it was because it was two days before Christmas but on this night of me just wanting to get home and away from people I saw God working though this 9 year old boy. This time of year is extremely exciting and reminds me of our beautiful savior who was born into our dark world. But sometimes I lose focus on the things that really matter and instead allow my circumstances as a single mother to dampen my hope.

I have no doubt that is why Jesus was born into this world. He was born to an unwed mother who probably felt ashamed that she didn’t look like the other moms or girls her age. She was unsure of her life circumstances and certainly didn’t feel like she was favored by the Lord.

But then she gave birth to a boy who loved to run to serve others. He loved to help and didn’t expect praise from his parents for doing something good for others. He did it because that is who he is. A servant who wants to help people in need. God did care about all the rejection that Jesus went through just like he cares about all the darkness in our world. God knew there would be bad and terrible things in our world so that is why he came in the form of an approachable, lovable, meek, mild, and serving boy.

So where is the Lord when we are facing trouble and heartache? He is right beside you and if you allow him to lead you, you too will see the light that leads you out of the darkness. This is what hope is…not that you won’t see bad things happen but that you have a true and everlasting hope. When we share that hope more people will see that they have hope that they can trust in and it gives them a way out of the dark too.

About Sarah Malcangi

Sarah loves Jesus and is unashamed to tell the world about His truth and bold love! Her purpose is to encourage others to seek the truth as they pursue who they are in Christ. She is also a Mom and feels blessed to call Colorado her home.

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  1. Sarah,

    Great example! Yes, there is still good in the world and God uses people. Even the smallest child can be used by God, even if it’s just to help out someone in a grocery store. I find your story very unique in fact, since you were already picking up the cereal box. What a selfless act. Thanks for sharing this. God bless.

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