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They Should Know You’re a Christian by Your LOVE

The title of this blog was inspired from the song “By Our Love” by For King and Country. I’m sure most reading this have heard all the Scriptures I’m going to reference, yet we must all ask ourselves: Can I honestly say I am living these truths in my daily life? ...

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Does The Truth Really Matter?

It started with an internet search to find unusual Bible passages, but the information that appeared was unexpected. Not only were the verses displayed on some sites taken out of context, no consideration for the verses around them or the Bible as a whole, but Christ was depicted as mean-spirited ...

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Should Your B.F.F. Be of a Different Religion?

Everybody has a B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever). The question is, is it okay for him/her to be of a different religion? I asked because our best friend is the person we spend most of our time with; a person with whom we share almost everything. While some adults don’t have ...

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