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New Movie, Risen: A New Spin on an Old Favorite

Entitled “The most successful Christian movie ever in terms of box office gross,” Passion of the Christ starring Mel Gibson remains one of the most popular and effective movies about Jesus’s death and resurrection. But in 2016, this well-known movie might be getting some competition in the form of the ...

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How Can Christians Share the Truth with Difficult People?

How can a Christian get through to an overprotective, stubborn, I don’t need God type of a person? One issue near to my heart is encouraging others to seek the truth. I don’t intend to encourage people to seek “a” truth, but instead The Living Truth. So often though, people have created ...

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Convicted By My Boss

Convicted By My Boss Mundane. A system.   My life had become one long predictable pattern looping over at the start of each day. Morning would break; I would rise, begin our daily habits, and then off to school, teach, back to the house just in time to start dinner, homework, ...

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They’re Speaking What?

They’re Speaking What? Some people have thought them to be crazy with their words flowing from their mouths, a language spoken by no other being on earth. They call it a love language from God and now neuroscience has tried to support this idea. “Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania ...

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