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A National Debt of Gratitude

In a recent Bottom Line article, Amelia shared her excitement of participating in a Memorial Day parade by marching down the sidewalk snapping photos. What an uplifting article! Her perspective gave me hope that my observations at our local Memorial celebration do not, perhaps, indicate the national trend I suspected. ...

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An Inside Look at the War on Christians

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, originally from Egypt but now residing in Italy and the United States, knows a bit about the crisis in the Middle East and its “war” on Christians in the region.  Ramelah is the director of Voice of The Copts (www.voiceofthecopts.org), an organization that has been spreading the ...

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Happy Birthday To “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Happy Birthday To “The Star-Spangled Banner” By John Livingston Clark We recently celebrated the anniversary of the United States’ National Anthem. On September 13, 1814 Francis Scott Key wrote a poem about the American defense against the British attacking Ft. McHenry in the war of 1812, which became so popular ...

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