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Grand Theft Auto 5

Here is one comment from Common Sense Media’s website review page for Grand Theft Auto: Title: “It’s fine if you trust your child, and if your child has no anger issues” Comment: “if your kid knows the firearms safety and is not showing signs of excessive anger, this is perfectly ...

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The Depth of His Love

We won’t know the depths of His love and commitment until we are in the place where everything seems to be falling apart; it feels as if everyone is against you, yet God is still with you, and He whispers in your ear. Ever have one of those days?  Days ...

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19 Kids and Counting, Part Two

Click here if you missed: 19 Kids and Counting, Part One Last Friday we began talking about 19 Kids and Counting, a reality show on TLC centered around the Duggars of Arkansas who have 19 children (to date), and the very harsh comments aimed at them that are posted on ...

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Where is God When I’m Afraid?

Eyes downcast and filled with barely suppressed tears, shoulders stooped as if carrying the weight of the world upon them, mind filled with turmoil and fear.  Where are you, God?  Do you even care?  I am beyond tempted to fear evil – way beyond.  I am no longer walking through ...

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19 Kids and Counting

For those who do not know, 19 Kids and Counting is a show on TLC about the Duggars of Arkansas.  The parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, began using birth control after the birth of their first child.  Michelle conceived in spite of the contraceptive, and suffered a miscarriage.  The deeply ...

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