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Top 7 Reasons Weddings are Awesome!

My sister is getting married in June, and I can hardly wait for the wedding. It isn’t because I’m the maid of honor—even though that’s cool too—it’s because weddings are totally awesome. Marriage is a beautiful thing. It has to be, since God created it. “And he said, ‘This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one’ ” (Matthew 19:5). Weddings are the ceremonies in which this God-ordained union is performed.

Other than the fact that this divine covenant has the hands of our Lord all over it, it’s also a happy occasion filled with good vibes and positive energy—regardless of the preparation headaches! That’s why I have compiled for you the top seven reasons weddings are awesome. Here are they:

1. They’re pretty
Pink and gray, red and white, burgundy and silver, are only specks of color in the endless possibilities of color combinations. Decorations are always delightful and the dresses, enchanting.

2. They bring renewed faith in love
Spouses sometimes cheat, argue, lie, break-up and make-up. The person claiming to “love” us may hurt us deeply, which leaves us wondering if love is just a figment of our imagination or if it’s real. Weddings remind us that amidst all the challenges relationships bring, people still fall and stay in love.

3. They offer a new family
Weddings bring people together in so many ways. The celebration itself is an excellent way to catch up with old friends and relatives. In addition, it draws family members from both sides together in the planning and implementing stages. Then after the ceremony, the bride and groom are blessed with in-laws.

4. The food
This goes without saying, so I’ll say no more.

5. The bouquet catching challenge
Where else can you partake in a “bouquet-catching-challenge” that brings the hope of marriage? Yes, it may be traditional and superstitious, but it’s fun. It’s the height of the evening for many ladies and they look forward to the excitement.

6. They’re a perfect opportunity to dress up
Stilettos and pretty dresses are a girl’s best friend. Our day-to-day apparel consists of work garb, yoga pants, and aprons. Weddings give us an excuse to go shopping, or to pull out that special occasion outfit. These are the times when tuxedos shine and pearls glow.

7. We get to see God’s plan unfolding
God saw that it was better for a man to have a companion, so He created Eve for Adam. He sanctioned marriage back in the Garden of Eden and He still does today. We get to witness God’s will for us as well as the commitment between two individuals in love, who are vowing to be together throughout life’s challenges.

Leave a comment, do you think weddings are awesome? Share a reason that’s not on the list.

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