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Stress and Exhaustion


Life can be tough, and at times overwhelming. One of the main things that I hear Christians say is, “I am so stress and exhausted.” There is no doubt the enemy has launched his attacks against Christians.

Some Christians are falling away from their faith because of the stresses of life that have crushed them. Then, there are Christians who are growing closer and deeper to God as the world around them ensues in chaos and turmoil.

There is a war, a spiritual war being waged against Christians in these last days. I believe the enemy is assaulting Christians with circumstances that are gut-wrenching. How many Christians do you know are battling with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, troubled family and marriages, and financial difficulties?

Stress is caused by a perceived unmanageable set of circumstances that are out of our control. Stress makes you physically tired, irritable, frustrated, which can lead to depression, anger, anxiety, and a host of other mental health issues. Stress can lower your immune system, cause ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure, and insomnia. People who are under stress usually isolate themselves.

If you are tired and sick the enemy is “setting you up,” as the enemy being the predator and you being the prey. As in the wild, a predator stalks its prey and watches until it gets alone; possibly injured or sick, and when the prey is tired, then the predator devours the prey. This is what the enemy does to us; he sets up difficult circumstances to weaken us, and at the right time he tries to destroy us.

To keep from succumbing to the stresses in life, we have to stay close to the Lord Jesus. We must spend regular time in the Word of God. We must quiet our minds to hear His voice, and listen to His instructions concerning our lives. Write and journal what the Lord speaks to you, and your inner pain. Talk it over with a mature-Christian friend. Let it out, don’t keep it bottled-up inside. You’re not alone, countless others have gone through and experienced stressful situations.

We cannot have our stability and security with people, possessions, or positions. The only sure stability in this world is Jesus Christ. I would encourage you to keep your faith and trust in God, even if you have lost much in this life, for it is nothing to the place God is preparing in eternity. Allow the Lord to comfort you in your distress. Work out your pain with God, cry out to Him, and tell Him how you feel. Don’t hold anything back, tell God exactly how you feel.


“When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul.” Psalm 94:19


He is like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock, when a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it because it was well built. Luke 6:48


Cast your cares on the Lord, and He will sustain you. He will never let the righteous fall. Psalm 55:22


Stress Less by Don Colbert, M.D., a book on stress written by a Christian doctor.

About Stephanie Reck

Stephanie has a heart and passion to see broken lives restored and redeemed through Jesus Christ. She writes through her personal experiences and her educational and professional background. She has over 17 years experience in counseling, and has a Master's degree in Social Work, Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and is a Licensed Belief Therapist. Stephanie has been married for 16 years,and has one grown son. Stephanie's desire through her writings is to bring hope and encouragement to the body of Christ, that no matter what you have been though or going through, there is restoration and redemption through Jesus Christ.

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