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Joe, Don’t You Be No Fool!

This is a story/poem of Christmas redemption. Merry Christmas to all of you!

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds;
there is none who does good. (Psalm 14:1)


Joe, Don’t You Be No Fool!

Joe is a fool that believes he’s a star.
He lives on 2nd Street and Main.
There he lives or so he maintains.
It’s Christmas Day and here he is again,
He’s still dreaming of greater things never seen.
So far from being a star,
Joe never wonders, Lord—Just where You are,
Despite failing in all of his schemes.

Time and again,
He’s heard a still small voice say…
Joe, don’t you be no fool!
Get down on your knees and pray.
Trust in Me, Joe—“I Am” the way.
Joe, don’t you be no wandering star.
It’s time for you to wonder, Joe—Just where you are!
Joe, don’t you be no fool!
In my crown, you will be my jewel.
I’ll be your Bright and Morning Star!

Joe lives by his own sight and his own might,
But on this Christmas,
Joe’s desperate for the means.
He never lets it show in the mean time.
Joe, just keeps on bein’ a fool, sayin’…
There is no God for me!
Inside, the truth is breaking his heart.
Though he tells himself it ain’t as bad as it seems,
Joe knows deep down,
It’s only a fools dream,
To place his trust in a falling star!

That still small voice keeps working on the inside.
From His constant chide, Joe just can’t seem to hide.
For on this Christmas Day,
The voice he’s heard—He has come beside!
He tells Joe again…
Joe, don’t you be no fool!
In My crown, you will be My jewel.
Get down on your knees and pray.
Trust in Me, Joe—“I Am” the way!

But Joe, he don’t know how to pray.
Desperate this Christmas Joe is,
To heal the past and all of it’s scars.
As the darkness on Christmas is falling,
And so is his star,
Joe walks out into the darkness.
To that still small voice, he has hearkened.
Joe’s through bein’ a fool believing God’s a fable.
He’s been convicted and convinced he’s not able!

Joe’s now being led by God’s Spirit and His angel,
To the way made Bright by the Morning Star.
The voice inside was beginning to rule.
One final time, He tells him…
Joe, don’t you be no fool!
My love is strong and My jealousy cruel.
Joe, I am sending you someone.
He will lead you to Me, for “I Am” the One.
He will be My tool.
Joe, no more do you have to be no fool!

Through the darkness, Joe keeps walking.
There’s someone he must meet or he knows he will drown.
Joe soon finds a Chapel on the wrong side of town.
In the twilight of this Christmas dawn,
To the cross atop the Chapel,
His eyes are quickly drawn.
In shame, Joe falls to his knees.
A tear falls from the pride in his eyes.
He cries out to the Holy One—Father please find me!

As he cries out, Joe feels a hand on his shoulder.
A kind voice then answered his cry.
The voice this time, didn’t come from inside.
It said…
Joe, I’ve been waiting for you.
I’m the Pastor of this Chapel you have come to.
Joe, the Lord He has taught you how to pray.
Time and again, He’s called out to you.
You ain’t no fool, Joe.
For, you were finally desperate enough to call upon His name!

In the dark of this twilight,
Under the stars and a blood moon so cruel,
Joe, you stopped bein’ a fool.
You’ve been down many a hard road.
They led you nowhere on paths meant only for a fool.
Now take up your cross, Joe.
Follow Christ to glory starting today.
The Morning Star has come all your sins to slay.
He is God’s Son who came to die and to save!

He’s given you new life.
He’s given you truth.
He’s the open door to His Straight and Narrow Way.
Don’t go back to bein’ a fool as the Devil’s prey.
Arise and walk in His light.
Let Him be Lord over your days and your nights.
Turn away from the sin that once ruled you.
Turn to Christ who was born under God’s Christmas Star.

His grace, Joe is now where you are.
You no longer have the heart of a fool.
God has changed your foolish heart.
And, never again will you hear Him say…
Joe, don’t you be no fool!
For through Christ,
God has made you one of the “sons of God” today!

Ron C. Kyker


“He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, but he who walks wisely will be delivered.” (Proverbs 28:26)

Again, Merry Christmas to all of you! Are you walking wisely? Have you been delivered? If you have, then help others this Christmas to also walk wisely and be delivered from what condemns them. This is the “good news“! They need someone who will go and teach them they don’t have to be afraid anymore when they “behold” the “good tidings of great joy” that Christ brought with Him down from Heaven (Luke 2:10)!


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I am a layperson with 35 yrs. of teaching Sunday School, bible studies, and preaching on occasion. I teach a bible study in a local prison. I am a 36 yr. counselor/social worker. I am disabled and have devoted the past four years to studying, praying, and writing about my greatest love; this gospel of Jesus Christ that has the power to save a man's soul. I also write devotions for a Church in Marion, VA and I write for an orphanage/ministry in Zambia, Africa.

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