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Fulfill Your Purpose

It is a phrase tossed about rather lightly:  made in the image of God.  Pausing to think about what this really means is an adventure not to be missed.  It has the potential to change how we look at ourselves and others; it has the power to transform our relationships…and ...

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How to “Yo-Yo Diet” and Lose Weight

When people typically think of yo-yo dieting, they think of the cyclic process of continually losing and gaining weight. This type of dieting not only is dangerous, but you’ll more than likely never reach and maintain a healthy weight ideal for your body type. Today, I’m going to tell you ...

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Persecution of Believers

Persecution of believers is happening all over the world, particularly in Muslim countries. Christians are being tortured and even killed for their faith.   The political answer to such oppression is usually war. Might makes right, and because the persecutors are in the wrong, we are justified in defeating them. ...

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Sexual Teenage Trends

Teens today are at a higher risk of becoming sexually active at a younger age. With the world of visual media constantly interrupting thoughts and stimulating the teenage mind, the normalcy of healthy relationships are being skewed farther away from their original truths. Most are aware of the idea of ...

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Wonderfully Made!

Our Creator is an amazing designer! He fashioned each of us uniquely, having our own gifts, talents and abilities–all to be used for His glory. Our lives have immeasurable value to Him, and we live in an amazing body. The wonder begins long before the day of our birth. Just ...

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