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Sneaking Up On God?

Are you in a crisis? Stop! Don’t Panic! God has known about your situation before, well, before time even existed. People often panic about things that God already has under control. It’s just a matter of having faith in Him to bring us through the situation and in turn reacting ...

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Challenge: Can You Recite The Ten Commandments?

Challenge: Can You Recite The Ten Commandments? By Joel B. There has been a lot of frustration lately about things, such as monuments, listing the Ten Commandments being taken down on government land. These are often hasty decisions made by a single judge with too much power and personal interest ...

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Guard Your Heart


As most of you are aware, complaining and discontentment are symptoms of a deeper problem. When we find ourselves griping or whining it usually means something else looms large. Sometimes, it’s only an emotional reaction to ‘not getting our own way’. In simple terms, it means unhappy or dissatisfied. To ...

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Let Us Not Be A Nation of Grumblers

Our president’s approval rating is at it’s lowest. The Congress is not getting very high ratings either. Do these ratings even mean anything? Are they telling us anything we don’t already know? The ‘people’ are not happy with the job their elected officials are doing. Is it even possible to ...

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