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7 Things Every Daughter Needs From Their Father

Father and son relationships are important, but there is a connection between how daughters view their fathers and God. Dads, pay close attention to what your daughter needs from you in this article. If you are not doing these things, start TODAY, with making things right with your daughter. It ...

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Most people have experienced the sting of rejection sometime in their lives. You may have been abandoned by your parents, left orphaned, or shunned by your family, friends, or a spouse. Rejection makes you feel unloved, unwanted and not good-enough. Rejection can destroy your self-esteem and your purpose in life. ...

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What About Purity? Part One

Let’s face it.  Times have changed since the Bible was written.  Isn’t purity an out dated concept really?  In an article in The Guardian, a British national daily newspaper, entitled “The moral case for sex before marriage,” Jill Filipovic says, “having sex before marriage is the best choice for nearly ...

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