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Bad Boy Saul and the Reimaging of His Reputation

How can he change? His life was determined from day one by being born into that household of Pharisee’s-the strictest sect of the Jewish religion. So many assumptions based upon a life cycle of tradition. How could he be any different? Yet God knew he would change, and even more ...

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Who Prayed for Paul?

The headlines ran red. If there were a secret first century parchment bearing news, prayers and encouragement, circulating the dispersed believers, surely it read, “ Steven, our beloved brother in the faith, perished at the hands of Saul and the religious leaders. He breathed his last yet full of the ...

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Parents Just Don’t Understand…Or Do They?

Parents Just Don’t Understand…Or Do They? By Joel B. Throughout the generations, teens have always sought to have a certain amount of independence within the family setting. They like to be able to make important choices on their own and have privacy when they feel the need arises. Many teens ...

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