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The Many Branches of the Occult

In my previous article I talked about the dangers of the occult. The word occult means secret or hidden. It refers to tapping into the spiritual realm outside of the one true living God. The occult has a variety of branches and is far-reaching in influence. Scripture strictly forbids any ...

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The Dangers of the Occult

There is a lot of buzz these days around the topic of the supernatural. New books, TV shows, and movies with supernatural themes are coming out on a regular basis. Angels and demons, sorcery and witchcraft, magic, zombies, ghosts, and other spiritual phenomena are being portrayed through many outlets. The ...

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“Ouija”: A Gateway To Darkness

I was driving around with some teenagers from the local high school when they started talking about Ouija boards. When asking them why they were discussing that subject I was told there was a movie coming out. The movie, “Ouija” is opening in theaters October 24, 2014. It is summed ...

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Should Christians Read Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter Series of seven books holds the distinction of the best selling series in history, with sales in the 400 to 450 million copies.  That’s a lot of books.  Along with a lot of book sales, Harry stirs up a lot of controversy.  Along with many admirers, there ...

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