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Here Today–Gone Tomorrow

When the earthquake struck in Nepal a few days ago, video footage showed people going about their day as usual.  Tourists were sightseeing and snapping photos.  Natives were walking to work or to a friend’s house to visit.  Children were playing in the streets just as innocently as any other ...

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When Should We Look Up?

When the sky darkens, the thunder claps, and the lightning flashes, then we know it’s going to rain. The warning signs precede the event. It is then up to us to find shelter or be soaked by the rainfall. In the same way, God has given us signs that will ...

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Yellow Light

I stood there staring.   My eyes locked onto it as I shut out everything and everyone else around me. The chill that surrounded it made me shiver, yet my palms grew sweaty. Thoughts floated around in my head as my heart pounded and my adrenaline soared due to the ...

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“The writing on the wall”

He should have seen “The writing on the wall.” If only he had known what was to come, then maybe the end result would have been different. The party was on! A thousand guests were in attendance and the original excitement of the evening was growing into a cacophony of ...

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