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4 Ways to Quit Smoking for Good

So your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking was not a success. Don’t feel bad, only 36% of individuals who made a New Year’s resolution to quit, actually do. You probably thought it would be as easy as taking your last puff and never having another craving. Wrong. How about giving it one more try? Let Philippians 4:13 be your reminder because surely, “[You] can do all things through Christ who gives [you] strength.”

You were attacking the habit from the wrong perspective. Did you know the female brain responds to nicotine differently than the male brain? According to associate professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, Kelly P. Cosgrove, PhD, women’s cigarette cravings are often more about external triggers such as stress and mood swings than nicotine. As a result, women may need a little more than nicotine replacement for an effective quitting strategy.

Nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) like patches, gum, and nasal spray, is said to help more men than women quit long-term. However, when NRT is paired with the following foolproof methods, both genders will be able to quit that unwanted smoking habit.

How to Smoke Smoking

  1. Get Over the Hump: If you have a stressful event coming up, such as a wedding or relocating, try quitting after the event has passed. This will reduce your changes of relapse. Be realistic.
  2. Spring Clean: Get rid of all lighters and ashtrays. Then deep clean upholstery, carpet, drapes and your car’s interior. Wash and dry-clean all clothing, winter coats and the likes. After such hard work, you’ll be more committed to never let the smell of your smoking contaminate these areas again.
  3. Have Craving Coolers: Always have a bottle of water, sugar-free gum, peanuts or a favorite snack to help ward-off the urge to smoke. In addition, start a new hobby that will keep your hands busy and your mind engaged. Instead of smoking after dinner or on your lunch break, grab a mint or start writing. In addition, when the smoke-craving hits, never be afraid to pray. Prayer is always handy.
  4. Blab about It: Let everyone know you’re quitting. Even if you’re a Christian and you’d rather keep the habit a secret. It pays to blab. The more people who hold you accountable, the less likely you will relapse. Also, it helps to have someone you can talk to every day. Just ensure that your supporters are positive individuals who will keep you grounded and offer encouragement.

What’s your suggestion for permanently quitting the smoking habit?


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