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What would fall if God sent plagues on ten of America's idols?

The Ten Plagues of America – Which Idols Would be Struck?

Did you know that each of the 10 plagues of Egypt was a strike against a specific Egyptian god? In a previous post, we examined how even God’s judgments reveal His mercy, and one purpose of the plagues was that the Egyptians might know the One True God and be saved.

What if America today, like ancient Egypt, were struck with plagues against its false gods? What would be targeted? “Judgment begins with the household of faith” (1 Peter 3:17) and so the church must be judged first. But which false gods hold prominence in American society?

Here are some thoughts on America’s foremost idols (Please note, this is not a definitive list. Moreover, not everything listed is inherently evil. Some of these are good and necessary things, but have become corrupted through idolatry):

  1. The Economy. A good, strong economic system is a blessing. Poverty, by contrast, is a curse. But when the economy becomes the central motivator in how people think and act, as opposed to esteeming the truth and justice of God’s commands, materialism takes the place of Christ in people’s hearts.
  2. Universities/Education. The primary purpose of formal education in the United States was so that Americans could read the Bible. How far we have fallen! Public education has been hijacked through social engineering, and even some Christian schools are becoming hostile to the simple purity of the Gospel.
  3. Disney. Doing back-to-school shopping, it was difficult to find supplies that weren’t covered in Disney images. The only reason this American icon continues to thrive is that most people don’t know or care how plagued with corruption and scandal Disney really is, with its horrific track record of hiring convicted pedophiles, its occult ties, and its anti-Christian pulpiteering.
  4. NFL/Professional Sports. The National Football League especially has suffered a black eye in recent years with one scandal after another, including widespread domestic abuse, numerous rape charges, and even murder convictions. Nevertheless, diehard sports fans continue to worship at the altar of their favorite teams and players with significant portions of their time and money.
  5. Hollywood. Americans are gluttons for entertainment, and worship their stars. But Hollywood is a bright, glittering facade which hides behind it a line of smelly and overflowing garbage dumpsters. In his book The Jesus I Never Knew, Philip Yancey describes celebrities he’s met over the years as among mankind’s most miserable.
  6. Extreme Environmentalism. Record snowfall and freezing temperatures the last two years have already rocked the platform for disciples of global warming. Of course, many scientists will argue this is no indicator of the phenomenon itself. But have you noticed that we don’t hear the term “global warming” any more? Since scientists cannot agree on its origins or existence, the term “climate change” is now used as a stamp on any unusual weather patterns, to save face and advance the cause of extreme environmentalism.
  7. Social Media. When Facebook went down for three hours last summer it felt like a touch of heaven. Imagine if we actually had to talk with people again to communicate, hear their voice inflections, and really listen instead of reading/responding to someone at our inconvenience.
  8. News Media. Not all the outlets that bring Americans their news are corrupt; some are more objective while others are thoroughly rotten. But many and varied are the organizations hostile to the truth, and anchors and journalists are esteemed as demigods.
  9. Television. Again, not inherently wicked, television nevertheless has been a major vehicle of the enemy to bring sensuality and violence into America’s family rooms. Even more, harmless programming can be a means of hours of escapism. Leonard Ravenhill said, “Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy.”
  10. Internet. Can you imagine if the internet/web suddenly went down . . . permanently? Can you picture people in airports and parks and restaurants forced either to talk to one another or to read a book? Can you see parents spending time with their children instead of with their faces buried in their phones? How great would that be!

What other American entities, be they systems or organizations, are glorified as gods in this nation? What would you add to this list?

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